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I receive a lot of Mail saying : 'After I've seen your Site I will stay far away from buying a Dnepr!

In order to prevent misunderstandings: [ please read ]

Those under "necessary modifications " describe work made by respectable dealers already BEFORE distribution of the bikes and should not concern you.

My Dnepr was ordered at 'Congenia' in Linz/Austria (completely rebuilt from beginning) and ran without any repair for 18000km, 90% under heavy overload. (see mountain race, alpine route [1],[2] , etc..)

So look for an honest company if you buy a Dnepr and you will have lots of fun with this bike

All modifications described on this Website have to be approved by the authority's of the Country or State you live in. Working on safety critical parts such as brakes, the frame or others HAVE to be done by professional mechanics. I'm not responsible in any way if you get hurt (or hurt others) by doing things out of legality, your profession or your skill.


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