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Original engine
Disk Brake


Dnepr tech / brakes II

Double disk brake / front wheel 


The cause for this radical change were 2 really critical situations within short time, whose flow was always the same: sudden unexpected brake of a 'Sundays driver'.
The brake assembly of the Dnepr is not made for such panic braking in no way, the optimization of the drum brakes reaches it's limits very soon.

After a Russian a disc brake had found its spectacular end when trying to decelerate towards a turn (broken caliper !) I decided to construct a front brake without compromise.
Thanks to Phil Dorman and John Hubbard for their help.

The conversion :
  • Front wheel Yamaha SR500 (also possible: XS650)
  • 2 brake disks SR500 d = 298mm (or XS1100)
  • Brake pliers and pump Yamaha XS850 (identically XS1100)
  • Steelflex without distributors directly to the pump
  • Taper roller bearing for the steering

The bearings at the front wheel were changed to ones of 20mm inner diameter, an appropriate spacer was made. The disc brake lugs are made of steel plates (5mm) on roller bearings situated on the axle.

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