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Absolute nec. modifications :

Original Engine
Brakes general

Recommended modifications

Original engine
Disk Brake


Dnepr tech / Dnepr 650ccm engine

Recommended modifications

Streetfighter - OilfilterExternal oil filter: The centrifuge responsible for the oil works only with unalloyed oils, which are not easily available. The external filter works fine with all kinds of oil and significantly reduces the oil temperature . In addition there's no need for cleaning the centrifuge every 10000km, just change the filter.


Piston cooling: Oil spraying nozzles are built into the connecting rod feet spraying an exactly defined oil mist on the bottom of the piston - this is today's standard with high stressed engines. Overheated and broken Pistons are a thing of the past with this modification. This, and not the installation of Japanese or German pistons, is the solution of the problem of overheating.

To be continued ..


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