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Absolute nec. modifications :

Original Engine
Brakes general

Recommended modifications

Original engine
Disk Brake


Dnepr tech / brakes

The design and sizing of the brakes is quite ok. The fiasko beginns with the worn out tools they are made with.
The following parameters have to be checked and corrected:
  • Cycling of the brake drums (strongly striking drums are only useful as ashtrays)
  • Are the drillings of the brake cams in the anchor plates anglecorrect and in the correct place?
  • The adjustment of the levers (as per manual)
  • degrease the drums, plates ond linings
If all is corrected, brake in the linings for about 200km. If this dont work DON'T PANIC and look for your towel couse this charming problem will guide you as long as you ride a russian bike.

Brake linings:

In my experience there are two entirely different types of linings:

  • linings that work in cold status, perfect on the plains. When racing in the mountains these linings disapear as smoke within minutes.
  • linings working perfect in the mountains but when they are cold there is simply nothing. Perfect funny when you life in Town.

I'v tryed a lot of different linings. Well, I returned to the russian ones.

Disc brake for the front wheel



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