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Sidecar drive

The 2WD sidecar drive of the Dnepr is that outstanding feature that sets the bike among all other (affordable) Sidecars.

Advantage : The final drive conversion delivers the power permanent both to rear AND to the sidecar wheel in a perfect balance. The Bike don't turn to the right if you accelerate (as sidecars usual do). On snow and pure ice the traction exceeds all that you ever experienced, even better than the old VW-Beetle. Driving with this sidecar in winter means laughing till you are home again.

What you have to take care : without passenger the sidecar wheel looses traction very early in turns to the right and you cant fly the sidecar because the final drive has no lock. So the wheels revs up and you loose control of the Bike. (There is a custom lock available but this is a 100%locking so you can only use this cross-country).

So : If you have a passenger the 2WD is perfect, if you go on usual roads most without passenger and want to fly the sidecar the 1WD (Dnepr MT11) might be the choice for you.


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