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Before you buy

Dnepr Basics
Sidecar Drive y/n
Possible Engines
What do you need


Dnepr tech

Russian market bikes / export bikes

Bikes made for the Russian market : They have painted rims (or rust instead) and the alloy parts (engine case, gearcase etc.) are of VERY poor finish (in fact they have none).
No matter how cheap such a bike is offered to you :

!! never buy it !!

Export bikes: chromium-plated rims, the finish of the bike is on the rough side, BUT there is a finish. The welding of the frame is of (well..) a quality that you don't risk your life.
These bikes are a good starting point for further modifications, which can lead to a bike for everyday life. All further pages refer to this version of the Dnepr.

Purchase "out of the box"

Very cheap and possible if the necessary modifications at the engine and at the brakes are made with appropriate professionalism, otherwise the life span of the engine is between 50km and 7000km and that of the driver maybe beneath the usual...
For "usual DIYourself'ers" the purchase out of the box represents an excellent possibility to get within shortest possible time :

  • 1.) an enormous black hole at the account
  • 2.) a garage corpse
  • 3.) frustration to the max, as well as
  • 4.) the continuos laughing of your friends

The costs

The Dnepr in fact is not (modified for touring) a cheap bike, the low purchase price relates itself at over 10000km a year by the spare part - and maintenance costs.
Also the spare parts usually must be reworked before installation and this is expensive.
Details to the necessary modifications, depending what you want to do with your Dnepr,
on this page.


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