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Siberian Speed Team

Hi Christian,

While my Ural is quite humble compared to the nice specimens
that adorn your website I thought I would send a few photos
anyway. Daisy does enjoy some notariety as she appeared on the
cover of Hack'd magazine.

I have included a few pics of our former racing Urals. I trust you will
be able to distinguish between my personal stead and the racing machine...:-)
This bikes were burned in a warehouse fire but we are rebuilding one
and it has gone even faster - though it is not as racey looking.

We (the Siberian Speed Team) now have 3 land
speed records and have run a Ural to 109.681mph.

I found your site when I inquired about anybody doing front disc
brakes. I like what you have done and will be looking to duplicate it
with a single disc. I may have a bit of additional engineering as I
have lowered/floated my front fender. One of your pics looks you
have modified the front of the "U" bar - mine is round tube and
yours looks more square/flat.

Well,can't find any pics of Daisy on this confuser so I will send
them along later.

Nice site and thanks.
Crew Chief, Siberian Speed Team

Siberian Speed Team

Siberian Speed Team

Siberian Speed Team

Text and pic's ©2001 S.Jackson


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