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Siberian Speed Team 2

Hi Christian,

Since last I wrote you we have rebuilt our racing Ural and have
gone even faster. We now have run 114.356 mph! (klick here for record-ticket)

We are going to run at the famous Bonneville Salt Flats in August.
We anticipatetaking 2 land speed records there. I have attached a few photos of
the new bike for you to add to our burned pictures.

Siberian Speed Team / Newbike1.jpg

We are running the stock undersquare standard bore and stroke (78X68).
We have a stock crank, stock cam, stock carbs (US stock is 32mm Keihin-Seiki CV carbs), stock pistons and the stock e-ignition. We have replaced all russian bearings and used a high vol oil pump.

Siberian Speed Team / Newbike2.jpg

We used a self aligning ("barrel bearing") on the crank - we run on tight budget and have not had access to the necessary tools to press the crank apart until recently and now there is no time. We have balanced everything except the crank. We have ported and polished the heads and used better valves and valve springs.

Siberian Speed Team / Newbike3.jpg

We have reduced rotational and oscillating weight where possible - this includes the flywheel, rocker arms, clutch, pistons and timing gears. In the transmission we have ground the gears to half of their normal thickness. We have a broad selection of drive combinations that include high and low profile 18 and 19"
tires, 3.89 and 3.20 final drives and two transmissions, one stock and one with the Wolf 3rd and 4th gears in it.

Siberian Speed Team / Newbike4.jpg


Text and pic's ©2001 Steve Jackson


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