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Richard's Dnepr's

Dear Christian What a first class site you have made, I really enjoyed the mountain race feature, and I am using one of the pictures for my "desktop". Here are a couple of pictures that may be of interest to you :-

Click for bigger picture !

This was my first Dnieper.
I had to push the bike 8km home when I first bought it, it did not run. These are the parts I added :- Headlamp Bates ,Taillamp Victoria moped , Carbureters Amal , Handlebars Triumph,.the exhuasts are B.M.W ,the front mudguard is Kawasaki, the tank & rear mudguard are from a "Jupiter 3" (U.S.S.R. Two-stroke twin) , I made the seat, The side panels were made from the heat shield inside a Television. Later at night school I turned up some bearing cups so that I could fit an early 750cc Honda Forks and wheel....The bigends went shortly after so I moved all the parts to another Dnieper 30km later the crankshaft broke at the flywheel.

This was the last Dnieper I had
It belonged to a Mr Osbourne; now sadly passed away, I did not build any of it.
Parts:- Tank Ural (u.s.s.r) ,indicators/tailight M.Z (d.d.r) wheelrims Akront, frame Dnieper stretched wider at the bottom to take a B.M.W.700cc CAR engine from the 700LS coupe,Carbs Amal sidecar body home-made .The sidecar had its own brake, I crashed this outfit when I missed the sidecar pedal and stood on the bike brake instead. It hit a brand new car being driven from the showroom and was a write off. After all this I still like the Dniepers , How many Bikes have a reverse gear ,and so much fun built in ?

Take care
Richard {tony} Turton.


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